Voices of Reality was founded with the goal of building and operating an online media talk show hosted by children, Ultimately when they are adults, children are going to lead our nation.

Thus it’s important that while they’re still kids they can tune in and hear from and respond to their peers and together they can understand their significance in this world. Teaching kids about the importance of education, staying in school, off drugs, the social problems they face today, issues that impact our lives, some good and some bad. But it is important that we talk about it openly.

The world stems from our children, who learn by adults’ example. Our primary objective is to use Voices of Reality Talk Show to serve as a vehicle for change.

Your donation of any size and form is essential to our project.

In addition Donations can include:

New/Used Digital Equipment (HD Camera, Camcorder, Lanier microphone, Computers, Studio Lights, Backdrop, etc). Your Time and Skills, Voices of Reality wants and needs creative people to keep the show thriving.

Volunteers are the heart of VOR, providing professional talent, time, energy and personal commitment to all facets of VOR's operations.