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Natalie Tinti -10 year old Author

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Sewing a Friendship

  • Release Date: Sept 4, 2010
  • Director: VOR
  • Host: Cassi
  • Storyline:
    Natalie Tinti is a fifth grader living in Southern California. With her passion and talent of illustrating, she has won many awards for her excellence. Natalie's book, Sewing a Friendship, in 2010 was 4 times awarded. Natalie wrote this book about rival girls who became wonderful friends, to empower children to use their talents and imagination to focus on the importance and power of  true friendships. Natalie believes friendships are an important part of our lives that can be created when we have the courage to include others. Creating friendships is fun and is our way to be the part of the Universe! 





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