Move over, I Carly. Voices of Reality’s Angelica Vasquez, co-host of the network’s Teen View segment. By Gene Sears~August 17, 2010

Move over, I Carly.

Voices of Reality’s Angelica Vasquez, co-host of the network’s Teen View segment. Vasquez, along with co-host Jade Titus, hosts a weekly webcast addressing teen issues, mixing in humor and advice in a readily accessible online format. Fort Lupton’s own Angelica Vasquez, 13, is on the air, and her show is a webcast with a message.

Vasquez, co-host of the Voices of Reality’s network web show Teen View, tackles some of the thornier problems facing today’s adolescent with a mix of humor, topical awareness and some solid common sense. Billed as an “online network that inspires, empowers, brings awareness, laughter and entertainment to our viewers,” Voices of Reality is a mix of talent aimed squarely at the community, promoting nonprofit organizations and local businesses while making people think.

Founded by area philanthropists Patricia Shaver, the show took wing with the addition of actress Kasha Fauscet as host and the addition of Vasquez, Teen View co-host Jade Titus, and Kids View host Jonah Lujan. With the teen segments in their fourth week as of July 12, the team continues to improve, adding polish with each episode. Like a lot of junior talent, Vasquez, dreaming of the limelight from an early age, received a little help getting there from her family.

Vasquez’ father, Lorenzo Hernandes, posted her profile online through a talent search agency, and the rest is web history, with Vasquez receiving the nod to audition for Teen View. It’s a talent agency website,” Hernandes said of, where Vasquez caught her big break. “They send us audition profiles that match her profile, so we can submit her or they submit her and then send her profile to producers.” Reviewed and selected by the producers of the web show, Vasquez now gets to put out her and her co-host’s message in a talk show format, informal and infused with a healthy dose of humor.

We are talking about what goes on in school, from a teen’s point of view,” Vasquez said. “We talk about bullying, racism, MySpace and Facebook, the dangers. We try and put the word out to teens.” A recent Teen View episode covered the dangers of texting while driving, during which Vasquez and co-host Jade Titus acted out a skit resulting in the pair eventually getting into an automobile accident, a not uncommon occurrence when a driver is distracted by social networking behind the wheel. A future topic for the show concerns the abuse or sale of prescription drugs by teens, something the pair see too often in their own lives.

Vasquez is no stranger to the spotlight, with acting as a first love and modeling as a sideline, placing in the finals of the Miss Junior Pre-Teen pageant in Denver. Honing her craft, she trained briefly at the John Robert Powers Drama School, and now trains weekly with Voices of Reality’s Kasha Fauscet. A freshman this year at Fort Lupton High, Vasquez’ schedule includes drama classes, something she intends to pursue in college as well. The training is a big help for the budding actress, who pens her own material.

I write all my own questions,” Vasquez said, noting that she also does her own research and picks topics for the show, a process that takes several hours daily out of her busy teenage life. Aside from the seriousness of Teen View topics, Vasquez’ talent encompasses more humorous roles on the network, with the young actress appearing in the web sitcom “Uncle Ray-Ray,” a takeoff on a low-budget family man that still wants to be cool, despite his advancing age. Playing dual character roles as Ray-Ray’s nieces and daughters, Vasquez and Titus have an ever-expanding role in the series. You can tune into Teen View Mondays at 7 p.m., at