Kathryn Gould

Denver Film Industry Examiner

"Voices of Reality" talk show

June 13th, 2010

As promised, here’s more about the new talk show, “Voices of Reality”. Patricia Shaver is the visionary behind the talk show, which she says is meant to “uplift, bring awareness, encourage, and entertain people who are transitioning in their lives.” Patricia came to Colorado with Nursing Services International and has worked at Porter Hospital as well as privately for ex-Senator Gordon Allot and Temple Buell.

Later she became a bail bonding agent, and has been President of Professional Bail Agents of Colorado, and teaches certification classes for bail agents. Patricia’s parents had a heart for helping ex-offenders get their lives back together; in all, her parents have helped 45 former convicts get jobs or start their own businesses. Because of her parents’ work, Patricia envisioned an organization that would provide mentoring, job reentry training, housing and tender loving care for previously incarcerated persons.

In August 2008 she founded the BPB Floyd House, named after her parents. “Voices of Reality” began as a newsletter for BPB Floyd House, and featured articles written by people who are overcoming difficulties and becoming wiser and more mature, with the intention of inspiring others to make good decisions in their lives. BPB Floyd House was invited to do a local talk show by Cedric Pride, a local philanthropist whose passion is fundraising for worthy causes. Cedric has been a board member and fundraiser for various charitable organizations, and has a passion for helping charities and non-profits.

After watching the show, Patricia envisioned a talk show that would bring all kinds of inspiring stories to the community. Her partner in BPB Floyd house, Latoya Reid, has helped the show become a reality. Local filmmaker and actor Ketrick Copeland heard about the show’s silent auction and called to donate his services as a videographer. Patricia and Latoya invited him to become part of the talk show, and he introduced them to actor/ producer Kasha Fauscett, who agreed to be one of the hosts as well as a producer of the show. Visit the “Voices of Reality” website to find out more about the schedule and upcoming guests.